Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Flower Pattern for Mamonde

illustration by Heekyung Hur
for Mamonde of AMOREPACIFIC
art directed by Premium Design 1 Team of AMOREPACIFIC
copyright ⓒ AMOREPACIFIC

I was asked to create the flower pattern for Momande, one of cosmetic brands of AMOREPACIFIC. The pattern was planned to use for its package design, uniforms and etc. Unfortunately, it will be left unused by new project manager. Though the whole design concept has been changed after finishing the project, it was fun to do. So, I'd love to share with you :)

2012년 상반기 (주)아모레퍼시픽 마몽드 브랜드 패턴 개발 작년 패키지디자인과 유니폼 등에 적용할 계획으로 의뢰받았던 플라워 일러스트레이션 프로젝트 아쉽게 디자인팀과 컨셉이 변경되어 빛을 발하지 못하게 되었다는 연락을 뒤늦게 받았다. 그래도 재미나게 진행했던 작업으로 기억